Planning the Euro Trip

Probably, there is no funnier way to travel than just to pop out a road trip with your friends. The abruptness is always a bonus, although not if you’re willing to launch a cross-country journey around Europe. Travelling around the Old World, which is in sober fact a set of different people and cultures united by common history, might require a thoroughly carried out plan. To make it easier, think over forthcoming journey bit by bit.

Where to go to?

feature pictureObviously, people often visit the places they have dreamt of quite long time. Though, such an option might not work if a group of buddies head off together – you must admit that people rarely pursue the same dreams or have the same preferences, and the one on where to travel to is not an exception. By the way, it is also better to make some agreements on possible conflict situations right away, as even the closest friendship might experience the toughest times, especially when travelers are closed up in one hotel room or, more exemplary, in a car.

However, let’s get back to travel destination choice. In Europe, the variety of lands can truly knock out one’s imagination; North Europe that is Scandinavian peninsula, Denmark, partially Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, reflect the idea of woody and contrasting marine landscapes, old-fashioned architecture in the cities, taverns and pubs; the same might be told about Germany yet one should add mighty castles in the sightseeing list; France has probably everything one can await from genuine travel – beaches on the south, wineries and exquisite restaurants, magnificence of Paris, Marseilles, Nice and other big cities, etc.; South Europe can boast of top places to shop in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece alongside charming sandy beach lines of the Meds. Admittedly, where to go in Europe is an intricate question, even if you plan to visit several countries.


If the choice is made, then the Embassy to attain visa is defined. Besides, you should look into if Schengen Visa is needed, as not all the states in Europe keep visa regime.  Besides if entering the country from neighboring lands, make sure that car documents, including driving license, green card, registration certificate, are ok.  Europeans put some of the following requirements for the vehicle: the presence of warning triangle, towing rope, spare extra wheel and main wheels with tread not less than 4 mm deep, car’s homeland sign that is placed on the rear window, a set of spare bulbs for headlights and lamps. Also include a first aid kit separately and fire extinguisher that must be purchased no earlier than six months before the trip. Kit should be composed of 18 items – the so-called eurokit.

Road fees

Either you’ve entered European borders by land or by air, thus rented a vehicle, you should be aware that most of autobahns are paid. Thereby, it is recommended to turn to national web-sites where fees are distinguished; the same goes for road traffic regulations, as each country keeps own speed limits and further peculiarities of driving (for instance,

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Booking hotels, hostels and other accommodation

Surely, popular apps and web-portals might be at hand, for instance,,,, which also provide comments from customers and their pros and cons. By the way, pay attention to exchange rates; regardless of euro currency priority in many countries, rates might slightly differ.

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