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Hi !

My friends and family call me “The Explorer” and 2 years ago I decided to leave the United States and explore the world. I got tired of my job, my daily routine, and eating the same food every day till one day I saw myself in the mirror and I saw some white hair! At that moment I said to myself that I had to make a change. I couldn’t keep going on living like this where sure I had money and a car but was I really happy? I couldn’t honestly tell myself yes to that question.

I spent the next three months researching about traveling in Asia and figuring out a travel plan. I quit my job, I sold everything I had and here I am exploring the world! It’s been a magical journey so far that I wouldn’t regret for anything (except maybe eating that questionable frog dish). WhenI was exploring a beautiful bay in the caribbean a group of people asked if I had a blog since they were so amazed by my story and that very night, I  decided to start my blog.

I want to share all the tips and advices that I’ve learned on the way and hopefully to inspire some of you to hang up your keys and go out and explore the world. You don’t need to do what I do since I know it’s not for everyone but even just to go and do something once a month or visit a new city.

The world is huge and we are so small! What I do everyday is something I love and I’ve learned more in the past year traveling around than my whole corporate world life.

Enjoy my blog as I share with you some great tips to get you on the go! They don’t call me the Explorer for no reason.

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