Packing for a Beach Vacation

Congratulations! You finally finished your last deadline at work and now your long awaited vacation has arrived at last! You’ve been planning the ultimate beach getaway for the past three months, researching into the best beach to go, best resort to stay at and the best activities to do. Between reading travel tips on Lonely Planet, Frommers and of course, other travel blogs, you feel like you’re completely ready for your trip and are ready to soak up some rays.

Then the night before as you’re packing, you realized that you probably should have looked up some packing tips for a beach vacation. Sure it sounds easy, all you need is a towel and swimsuit right?

Well, not exactly. If only it was as easy as that! Your clothes are thrown out everywhere in your room because you can’t decide what to bring. Shoes? Forget about it! All these what if I need this? thoughts race through your mind.

To make your beach getaway as memorable as possible with the least amount of mishaps, there’s some essentials you need to bring besides your sunglasses.


Tips for packing for a beach vacation

1. Choose your luggage wisely

First you need to pick the correct luggage. This will set the foundation for the rest of the things you bring and prevent you from overpacking. If your trip is only a few days and is domestic, a carry on will suffice so you don’t need to pay for a check in.

The key to picking the right case is find a lightweight luggage. No matter how long your trip is whether it is for 2 weeks or a weekend, it’ll be easier for you to carry your luggage if it is lighter.

Find a carry one that is of high quality, there’s nothing more frustrating than to be rolling your luggage in the airport just to have the handle fly off (yes that has happened to me before!).  So invest your money in a high quality carry on that will last you a long time. Look for one that’s light, has sufficient pockets and if you can, try rolling it to see how it feels.

Need help finding a suitcase? Check Luggage Direct. They have quality reviews and a ton of products for you to browse.

2. Bring clothes that can be dressed up or down


Even though you’ll probably be spending most of your time laying on a towel, you’ll also want to experience the nightlife of where you are. To minimize your packing list, bring clothes that can be dressed up or down.

Women, bring sundresses that you can wear during the day for a cover up and then bring some matching accessories to dress it up at night. Pick sandals that can suitable for going out and for lounging by the pool during the day.

Towels take up a ton of room so what’s the solution? A sarong. For women, a sarong is a lifesaver and a must have for a beach vacation. You can use it as a towel, a cover up, a dress or a skirt. It’s a cute multi-functional piece that you have to have in your suitcase!

3. Bring sun protection accessories

For your beach vacation, you obviously chose somewhere warm and sunny, probably close to the equator. Although the sun’s rays are good for your body to bring you Vitamin D and those hormones that make you feel happy, be aware that it is also harmful to your body if you have too much.

Go ahead and sunbathe but make sure you bring sunscreen for your face and body (at least SPF 30 if you are sensitive or burn easily), chapstick with SPF, sunglasses with UV protection, after sun aloe vera gel (will work miracles if you get burned) and if you plan on going surfing, get a rash guard with SPF in it.

Remember that you can’t bring more than 3.4 ounces of liquids which include sunscreen and the gel.

4. Bring more than one bathing suit

Yes I’m advocating packing MORE! If you’re planning on going to the beach or in the water everyday, it’ll be helpful to bring at least two bathing suits so you will also have one dry and ready to wear. Trust me, when you’re hitting the waves everyday you want to have  a suit that’s nice and fresh.

5. Leave a little room 

One of the best things about a beach vacation is that you can pack light. Shorts and tank tops don’t take up too much room compared to sweatshirts and jackets so you can leave a little bit room in your luggage for souvenirs. You’ll probably hit gift shops or souvenir stores that you might find the perfect gifts to bring back home and luckily your suitcase still has some room.


Remember less is more! You’ll find that traveling light feels so good and you’ll realize that you didn’t need all that extra stuff.





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How to Figure Out a Travel Budget

Most people take vacations using their paid time off from work and aren’t usually taking vacations once every three months. For the smart savvy traveler, you are able to make a budget so you don’t end up spending much more on a vacation than you could have. It takes a great deal of work and research but there are a few tricks and tips to help you plan a budget according to the type of vacation you want. Of course there’s nothing wrong with splurging now and then but let’s face it, not many people can afford to spend $4,000 a night at the Four Seasons!

Tips to Figure Out Your Travel Budget

1. Research your destination. 

Are you traveling internationally? Research and read about the country you’re going to and what people say in terms of prices. Many countries in Asia or Central/Latin America are considerably cheaper than North America including food, hotels and tours. Try not to get caught in the tourist trap as prices will be higher no matter where you are. Read forums and other travel blogs to see their price breakdowns and get a good idea of how much you’ll need in terms of spending money.

2. Decide what kind of lodging you want

Hostels are most definitely the cheapest type of lodging but you might not want to be sharing a room with 6 other strangers. Look for local hotels and inns and avoid the all inclusive big resorts if you want to be looking for budget accommodation. You might have to give up a little bit of luxury but if you’re going to be out and about all day, all you really need is a nice bed to sleep and perhaps a pool.

3. How much is your airline ticket?

Where you go might depend largely on how much your airplane ticket will cost to get there. Flying to Asia is guaranteed over $1000 from the United States but it could balance out since it is cheap to travel in Asian countries. Sign up for fare alerts to be notified of low airline prices and start looking early. If you set a clear cut amount for how much you want to spend on your total trip, see how much you have leftover after the airplane ticket. This will help you decide the rest.

4. What kind of activities do you want to do?

Tours are generally more expensive whether it is a guided tour, food tour, or just activity tours. If you’re going sightseeing, look up some very high rated guide books and go on a walking tour by yourself. Many cities offer free walking tours which you can look for at Free City Tour website. If you want to do some activity tours, pick a few you really want to do, compare prices and if necessary, narrow it down.

5. Solo or group travel?

Are you traveling alone? Or with somebody? This will also greatly influence how much you spend on your trip. If you go with someone luckily you can split costs like taxis and hotels but depending on who you are traveling with, you might have to compromise some of your own things as well. Try to find someone who has similar interests and a similar budget as you so you won’t have to spend more if you are traveling with someone who only stays in luxury places.

Have any more tips for budget travel? Share them in the comments below!

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Basic Phrases to Learn in Another Language Before You Go

Even though English is widely spoken, it is still highly recommended to learn a few phrases in the language of the country you are visiting. It greatly increases rapport with the locals, it’s faster than looking for someone who speaks English and is a good gateway in getting to know the culture a bit more. Nobody is expecting anyone to become fluent in every language but even knowing just a few basic phrases and words can go a long way. Now you can use Google Translate which even says it outloud for you, you can still go the old fashioned way and bring a dictionary or there are several guidebooks that contain useful words and phrases to know. There are several pertinent ones that not only gives you some extra brownie points with the locals but will come in super handy in certain situations.

Important Words and Phrases to Learn

  • Do you speak English? This will go a long way! It saves time and you can get help a lot faster
  • Please and thank you Just these couple words can establish a good rapport and can define you from those who don’t
  • Hello goodbye Also important even though they are the most basic words. You’ll be able to greet anybody without giving yourself away as a total ignorant tourist
  • My name is Good to know when talking to locals or meeting someone who doesn’t know English very well. Breaks the ice very quickly
  • Excuse me Always good to know when you need to squeeze by a crowd but don’t want to be yelling “excuse me!”
  • I don’t understand If the blank stares don’t work, this will help communicate that you don’t know the language and you don’t understand what’s going on
  • Bathroom You could learn “where is the bathroom” but most people will understand if you say bathroom in a question tone
  • 1-10 Handy to know if you’re taking a taxi or shopping
  • How much? Along with knowing numbers, it’s good to know how to ask how much something costs
  • Help! Important to know in case of emergency
  • I’m allergic to If you have very serious allergies, this is one to know. Also learn what the words are for what you’re allergic to!
  • Where is the Helpful to find directions which then hopefully the person responding will be able to point them out. Or useful when taking a taxi you can ask them and say yes.

Write the words down on a cheat sheet and have it with you at all times traveling. You can’t expect that you’ll always be in a situation or place where someone speaks English and knowing even just the basic words can be of a great help. If you can have data on your phone, Google Translate is the next best tool. If not, a guidebook will work and they usually have pages of helpful words and more complex sentences. Body language goes a long way but in many cases it’s just not enough. Take it upon yourself to be prepared and learn some new words!

 What other words or phrases do you recommend to learn? Share them in the comments below!

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Important Items to Pack Wherever You Are Going

Packing is getting a little more difficult due to all the restrictions. Most domestic flights charge you if you check in a bag, carry on space is limited and you can only bring so many ounces of liquid in your backpack. Travelers have gotten smart since they have to narrow down what are important things to pack, what are some things that can be left behind and what items can you just buy at your destination. However, there are some essentials that should be packed in any luggage or carry on, not only in case of emergency but it could help make your travel day a lot more comfortable.

Five Important Things to Always Pack

1. Over the counter medication

Have allergies? Prone to headaches or get nauseous? Over the counter medicine can help ease your travel day loads. Flying with a headache is one of the most unpleasant things and taking an Advil or Tylenol can help erase that pain. Get plane sick? A Drammamine or anti nausea pill will prevent you from chugging ginger ale and using that dreaded brown bag in front of your seat.

2. Entertainment

Nothing passes time slower than having nothing to do on a plane ride. Some flights have a movie, tv or radio but that can get pretty boring when it’s not something you want to watch or listen to. Bring your own entertainment whether it’s a book, magazine, iPod, Kindle or laptop. Do what you want to do and that will let time pass a bit quicker. With friends, cards or a small board game always helps.

3. Snacks

This is especially important if you’re on a tight travel itinerary and don’t have to time to get something to eat on a layover. Snacks can save your stomach and your wallet too. It’s expensive to buy food on the plane and usually they’re not the best eats either. Try to bring something from home instead of buying it at the airport. 

4. An extra jacket

It gets super cold on the plane, even when you turn off your own personal AC. If you don’t need it to keep you warm, you can also use it as a pillow.

5. Face Wipes

On a longer travel day, it’s nice to have something to freshen up. A face wipe can quickly make you feel better, more awake and more refreshed. You can also use them to wipe your hands and get rid of that grimy feeling you get after you’ve been on a plane for many hours at a time.

Some extras:

  1. toothbrush
  2. ear plugs
  3. scarf
  4. travel pillow
  5. deodorant

What are some of your travel must haves? Share them in the comments below!

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