Travel Search Engines – Which one is the best?

You finally decided that you’re going on vacation hooray! Now comes the planning. Some people like it, some people don’t but there’s so many tools on the Internet that can make your planning easier so that you can do it all yourself with no hair pulling or teeth grinding.

Looking for airplane tickets is the first thing when it comes to planning Read more [...]

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Planning the Euro Trip

Probably, there is no funnier way to travel than just to pop out a road trip with your friends. The abruptness is always a bonus, although not if you’re willing to launch a cross-country journey around Europe. Travelling around the Old World, which is in sober fact a set of different people and cultures united by common history, might require a thoroughly Read more [...]

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Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

Your first trip abroad is going to be one of the most exciting trips you’ll ever take. The first time you step outside of your comfort zone into a place where it is completely unknown and strange can stir up a mixture of intense feelings: nervousness, anxiety, excitement, giddiness. You’ll want to start exploring as soon as possible but if there are Read more [...]

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Important Items to Pack Wherever You Are Going

Packing is getting a little more difficult due to all the restrictions. Most domestic flights charge you if you check in a bag, carry on space is limited and you can only bring so many ounces of liquid in your backpack. Travelers have gotten smart since they have to narrow down what are important things to pack, what are some things that can be left Read more [...]

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